Cabana Mare Beach
Summer dreams at the coast of Agia Marina
Agia Marina Coastline
This is the beach where life is as fine as the sand
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Palm trees, sandy beach and salty hair is the recipe for an indelible summer.

Sunsets over splendor.
Enjoy them while they last.

Bring glamour, style and your easy-going attitude down to Cabana Mare Beach

Stroll across the white sands of Cabana Mare’s Blue Flag beach, stretching out along the green waters of the Cretan sea. Pleasure in the comfortable sun beds and couches and relish the chill-out music. Stay at this blithesome state until the sun goes down and Cabana Mare lights up. Preserve your seat, spoil yourself with more cocktails or glimmering sparkling drinks and let the events exhilarate you.

A cocktail at hand and the sea at your feet.
This is how we do summer at Cabana Mare!